Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My cousin Brian Smith summited successfully

I got news about 3:00 pm today that my cousin -- 12 hours away -- has successfully summated Everest. According to Mountain Madness, he, his guide Willie, and Tindy Sherpa left Camp IV at about 9:00 pm, figured out that they were going to summit too soon, and stopped and waited for light. However, it got too cold for them, and they decided to continue on. They stepped foot on the summit at about 2:50 am, called a few people, got cold, and decided to head down. They've reached Camp IV right now, and will leave shortly to head down to Camp II, where they'll take an extended break. (Apparently it's possible to sleep there – which isn't really so possible at the higher camps.)

More as I hear more . . .

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