Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ein Hod

Today, several of my traveling companions and myself, along with one of our product managers from Tel Aviv, drove north to Ein Hod, an artist's village located in the Carmel region just south of Haifa. We were met by Dan Ben-Arye, an artist who resides there with his family, along with some 130 other families. He gave us a very nice guided tour through the village, visiting many though by no means all of the galleries there.

In general, I thought that most of the art was of a pretty high quality. Not all of it appealed to me, naturally, which probably says more about me than about the art. But there were some pieces there which I found quite beautiful; and the setting, of course, was the sort of Mediterranean beauty you usually only read about.

I've posted a few more pictures on Picasa, at

I should note that the Argentinian restaurant there, Dona Rosa, was quite good: recommended.

And one last note: as we were walking by a particular building, Dan pointed at it and said, “Oh, and that’s our bomb shelter.”

“Bomb shelter?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. We had to hide there last summer. Rockets were falling all around here. Big ones, 100 kilos. They really shake the ground.”

In Israel, sometimes the peace you see around you can be deceiving.

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