Friday, January 25, 2008

Update on Grandma

My grandmother is still hanging in there. She hasn't eaten in over two weeks, and hasn't drank anything for several days, but her body is refusing to give up. She's still surprisingly lucid, as this story from my Dad indicates:

Grandma had asked Dennis Medley (worked with her at the therapy office) to sing at her funeral in 1983 when they made their funeral plans. Dennis singing was written in their plan that I got from the funeral home folder. Dennis and Patti came by tonight to be with Mom and to talk about the funeral. We talked again about him singing He the Pearly Gates Will Open at the funeral and what they normally get paid. He told us that Mom had given him a 20 dollar bill in 1983 to pay for his singing so we do not have to pay him. He said it looks like he is on the hook to sing 25 years later. We asked Mom after he left and she said that was true. That is just like Mom, all paid up.

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