Monday, April 21, 2008

Greek-Latin Audio

I have to imagine that most of my blog readers probably haven't wanted this, but if you ever have wanted to be able to listen to the New Testament in Greek (or Latin), or the Old Testament in Hebrew, I strongly recommend the recordings that J. Simon (I don't know his full name) has been making over on GreekLatinAudio. He's got nearly all of the New Testament recorded in both Greek and Latin (he's still working on Acts), and has been making some progress on the OT in Hebrew. There are other recordings of the NT in Greek available (here and here, for instance), but this is the only one I'm aware of which is both professional in quality and freely available. It's very nice, and very much appreciated. I've been listening to the Gospels on my commute lately, and it's amazing how much it helps my overall comprehension. One thing to note: if you studied Koine Greek in college or seminary, you probably learned the Erasmian pronunciation. This is helpful for learning Greek, as it distinguishes between all of the different vowels, diphthongs and what-not. But because the Erasmian pronunciation was never a living pronunciation scheme, people who use it tend to never progress beyond seeing Greek as a puzzle to be worked out, rather than a language to be spoken. The Greek recordings at GreekLatinAudio all use the modern pronunciation, which may not be any more historically accurate than the Erasmian (the best is probably what Randall Buth has worked out), but it has the benefit of actually sounding like a real, living language.

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