Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caedmon’s Dinner Redux

Caedmon – our personal hobbit – was having an odd day today. He ate hardly any "second breakfast", and refused to eat any lunch. He ate a normal amount for "second lunch", but when dinner came around he was famished. He ate two slices of cheese, half a hot-dog, and then three bowls of blueberries.

After dinner he took a bath, and then had his standard bedtime bottle, which he drank completely.

I was cuddling with him for a few minutes before putting him down when I noticed he was, well, hiccuping, or something like that. That went on for 15-20 seconds.

Then it all came back, like a bad debt.

The first wave of formula, blueberries and hotdog washed all over my shirt, shorts and the chair.

Caedmon turned to look at me, astonished.

The second wave exploded directly onto my face.

I hurriedly moved him out to arms length.

The third wave drenched my arms, his sleep sack and the carpet.

Poor Caedmon dangled for a few seconds, as stunned as I was, then started to cry.


I comforted the poor guy, then dropped him off in the bathroom, stripped down to my shorts, and proceeded to clean up. A new onesie for the over-eager hobbit, some quick cleanup of the larger pieces, and Caedmon back in bed, I was finally able to take a shower. But I'm not sure the smell or Daddy's trauma will be leaving anytime soon.

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