Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ten Things Caedmon Learned Today

  1. If you dig down under enough layers of leaves, you'll generally find dirt.
  2. Dad can still shinny up some trees.
  3. Dad can't shinny up other trees.
  4. It's entertaining to watch Dad try to shinny up any tree.
  5. Sometimes if you pull rotten logs apart, you can find a whole bunch of termites.
  6. Termites squish when you poke them.
  7. Dad will let you poke at coyote scat with a stick.
  8. Dad won't let you pick coyote scat up in your hands.
  9. The leaves sound funny when it rains.
  10. If you get far enough out in the woods, Dad will let you beat on almost anything with a stick.

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