Monday, January 25, 2016

Swyfft is off and running

For a little over a year, Swyfft, the company I joined last April, has been working to revolutionize homeowners' insurance. And we've got some seriously cool stuff going. Most of it I can't talk about - it's full of algorithms and analytics and patented this-and-that. But the result is straightforward enough: you go to our website, put in an address, and two or three seconds later, get a quote. I think we're the first insurance company to pull this off, and it's very cool.

Of course, a fast quote wouldn't be terribly helpful if it didn't also save people money. And we've got tricks up our sleeve there, too. Naturally, we can't save everyone money: claims are what they are. But Sean Maher, our very smart, nay, brilliant CEO (I'm not above bootlicking), has worked some magic there as well. And we think we can assess the sorts of risks a property is likely to face as well as or better than insurance companies who've had billions of dollars and decades trying.

Our systems, the piece that I'm most intimately involved with, have been more-or-less ready since late last summer. But the business side has taken quite a bit longer: negotiating the contracts, maneuvering through the regulations and licensing agencies, that sort of thing. But we're up and running now, and the response we've seen so far is promising and exciting.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and our initial market is small: coastal Alabama. But that's just the start. As we get initial metrics, and start to increase traction, we aim to be all over the Gulf Coast, and eventually, nationwide.

I love Swyfft, I love what I get to do every morning, and I can't wait to knock the socks off our industry.

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